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Print Again Ink is a recycling company that cares about our environment.  We help you recycle your empty inkjets and cartridges and pay you for doing so.  Most people simply discard their empty inkjets and cartridges when they run out.  Not only does this increase the amount of solid waste being sent to landfills and incinerators, but you are also missing out on an opportunity to turn those empty inkjets and cartridges into cash.

Print Again Ink works with a variety of businesses and organizations in the Delaware Valley.  Schools, businesses, municipal buildings, homeowners, churches and many other entities make up our clientele.  Whether you're raising funds for your local school or church, or if your company would like to make some extra money from their empty inkjets and toner cartridges, Print Again Ink provides the service to accomplish these tasks easily and effectively.

  • We pick up your empties at your location (No shipping costs for you)

  • We pay 100% for your empties (While competitors pay only a percentage)

  • We pay same day (We hand you a check when we pick up your empties, no waiting for checks in the mail)

  • We offer a 10% Referral Fee (Refer us to a new client, and receive a 10% referral fee from the business we earn from them)

  • We supply you with all boxes for collection (Schools, Churches and Businesses)

  • We take used cell phones too (Cell phones, Smart phones, PDA's)

  • We are a great fund raising resource for your business or organization


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